But here’s the thing: Without the right tribe you, me and every other woman with a business has a hard time taking care of their base.


We live in a culture that makes it easy to be unhealthy, that gives lip service to work/life balance and celebrates being overly busy. To dare to live differently requires courage, the right solutions and yes, the right support.

If you’re a woman with a business, and achieved some measure of success, and you’re the go-to person for your team, staff or even just your clients and family, than I bet the following sounds familiar…

Your sleep -- You stay up late at night, feeling simultaneously tired but wired at bedtime, sometimes going round and round with the same worries and concerns. It’s the only time you find "me time", and it's messing with you.


Your relationships -- You find yourself snapping at loved ones, even though no one is forcing you to handle all that you do.


Your body -- You have recurring, perplexing symptoms like headaches and fatigue that you used to be able to "get by" with, and now nothing seems to work.


Your work -- You receive plenty of good work, praise and opportunities, but you feel unsatisfied, because deep down, you know you’re capable of so much more. You want to change things up, but the stakes feel really high, as you don’t want to lose the good things you’ve created.  Plus you’re not exactly sure your body and can handle the “more” that you crave.


Your community – Despite having good friends and a nice professional network and being the go-to person for seemingly everyone in your life, you don’t have a place of your own to let down your guard with other soulful and successful women. It seems your friends are either super achievers (after a while, that’s exhausting) or super comfy with the status quo (kinda depressing), and you yearn for a community where growing, achieving and enjoying are part of the same conversation.

While these situations may seem that they are here to just annoy you, they are actually a sign to go within, come home to yourself and evolve like your life depends on it.

Listen, you’re not the only one who is finding that mindsets and strategies that worked at the start of your career like “no pain no gain” or “you can rest when you’re dead", just don’t apply anymore.


Continuing to approaching your career with these outdated scripts based in the male dominated industrial revolution days, are the exact things preventing you from truly enjoying everything that you worked for and thriving in the next phase of your work and life.

You see, burning the candle at both ends was probably easier when you were younger or single or when you didn’t have a family, or when you just didn’t care about not having a life outside of work. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to do that anymore.

The way out?

The good news: you don't need more hard work, more overthinking or more pushing through late nights. What’s required now to thrive as a woman with a business, in this economy, political climate and constantly changing marketplace, is for you to be operating on all cylinders.

By “all cylinders” I mean your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual practices and relationships need to evolve to keep you happy, sane and allow you to show up to consistently make your greatest contribution in your work.  


When your cylinders, or “base” is operating well, it makes everything so much easier, and frankly, more pleasurable to deal with.  Be it making decisions about your company, deciding on your next career move and even family stuff too.

The bottom line: You simply can't do and be all that you can be when your baseline foundation is not up to snuff. 

Before you go changing your career or thinking something's wrong with your business, or your spouse (ha!) first upgrade YOUR BASE. Your base is, again, your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual practice and relationships.

Hi, I’m Karlee Fain and for years I’ve worked as the coach to high-profile achievers, helping them stay on their a-game to go on and win more Grammys, their next TV show or professional sporting titles. From super stars, to everyday rockstars, that want a career AND a life they actually enjoy, my sweet spot is leveraging joy and pleasure as a business tool that reignites passion, clarity and your greatest purpose.


This July I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, I’m opening my doors so that a small group of driven women can join a private coaching group with me: The Reclaiming Time Studio


In this unique blend of part private, part small group coaching community, we’ll cover things like...


  • How to feel truly capable of having a career and life that work together and fuel your higher goals of having a positive impact in the world.


  • How to deeply fuel your physical body, and come into sync with your body’s natural rhythms so you are able to feel energized when you want to be focused, clear and sharp on the clock, and how to switch off the “work” and deeply rest often and easily.


  • How to speak to yourself with compassion, kindness and encouragement, creating neuro-pathways in your brain that allow you solve problems, see new possibilities and feel confident about your role as a leader, friend, and family member.


  • How to cultivate nourishing positive relationships with people a few steps ahead of you, so that you can continue to grow and advance at work and life.  Learn how to gently lean away from folks that drain you, so that you are uplifted, cared for and supported as much as you do the same for others.


  • How to finally ask for (and actually receive) help without losing face, discovering how much more you are able to achieve when you don’t have to do it all yourself anymore.


  • How to sit with and feel compassion for ALL of your emotions, and leverage your capacity to be sensitive and emotional as a strength rather than something you should hide.







Here's how this program works:


You will be surrounded by a tribe of women leaders where feeling well-rested, nourished, relaxed, confident, uplifted and free to do as you please is the norm.  


You will experience how nourishment, not punishment, is what gets you farther faster, and allows you to be the go-to person other people really look up to.


Imagine how you will light up a room, embodying the best version of yourself, simultaneously relaxed and confident. 


You will be able to think and act clearly, making decisions you feel good about without the guilt of trying to people-please anymore. 


People will wonder what your secret is, how you are able to be in stressful situations and not fall apart, and you will be able to explain that it’s not magic, but rather a small but dedicated practice of honoring what your body, mind and spirit actually need.


You will finally be given the framework and safe space to cultivate the deep nourishment we all need in order to thrive at work and home.   


The result?


You will have more energy again.  I’m not talking about coffee induced highs and lows, but a deep spring of stable all day energy that fuels you. 


You will feel more emotional stable, balanced and sane. Rather than feeling like you need to paddle upstream all day, you’ll be able to relax and be carried down stream to where you want to go.  You can lead and be guided at the same time.


Your work will fuel your personal life, and your personal life will fuel your work.  In other words, that feeling of being pulled in so many directions, scattered, trying to juggle life and work will be replaced with a new way of being.


You will find yourself overcome by moments of contentment...not wanting for a thing.


Things can be easier for you, and a whole lot simpler.  Imagine having the headspace and time in your day to think clearly.  You will feel sharp, focused and confident that your choices are the best choices. 


Hustle will be replaced will receiving.  You will begin to discern on the spot between what is important work, and what is just busy work, and let go of the extra fluff and fuss of overworking without things falling apart.


You will lead from a more relaxed place, making you the go-to leader for others without you having to do the heavy lifting for them.  


THIS is the secret sauce to staying softly, sustainably focused in your work AND enjoying the ride. THIS is the magic to being able to handle more, receive more AND do so without tension, stress and burnout. THIS is the key to growing your business from the inside out, by accessing all of your womanly resources. THIS is the way women thrive.









This is a six month program that includes:


Live Phone Calls – Twice per month, you, me and the small group of emerging woman leaders I’ve brought together, will hop on a conference line to address where you are and where you want to go. We will make feeling content and deeply nourished your new normal. You can join me live, to experience what it's like to have a celebrity coach working with you on the spot, or feel free to listen to the recording at a later time.

* Two live group coaching calls per month, you can call in live to be part of the conversation, or post your questions in the group forum and I’ll address them on the call. Calls happen at 1pm on Tuesday's, and last approximately 1hour.

* Each call will be recorded so you can listen to it at a time that works for you, or download it and have it on tap forever.


Online - Private Group Facebook Forum where I will post weekly, the framework to leverage self-care as a business strategy, to clear busy work off your plate, and create more room for nourishment. You can ask me questions, share challenges and successes with the group, and connect deeply with other women than can relate and uplift you too.  Ask for help, inspiration, resources and support, this is your space to receive.


Pleasant surprises - sometimes I will include special bonus resources, like video classes, guided audio meditations, or extra group coaching calls.


Ready to work with me or want to learn more?


There are two ways to work with me, which one is more your style?


1) Private Break Through Coaching:  I work privately one-on-one with up to 7 individual clients at a time.  This is for high-flame folks that are ready for results at lightening speed, and want direct access to a professional coach for every step of the way for 6 months.  For the next 5 clients the investment in private access to me is only $7,777, so if that speaks to you, fill out the brief application here and we’ll hop on the phone soon.  After 5 folks sign up, my rates go up 10%.  Click here to see if there are available spots or to be added to the waiting list.

2) The Daily Thrive Practice Group Coaching Program:  For six rich months you get full access to The Group Coaching program outlined above, PLUS access to the full archive of recorded calls and tools I have already shared with the group - so much bang for your buck!  The investment in yourself is $2,497, and can be paid in full upfront at a 10% savings (that brings it down to only $2,197) or in installments. Click here to enroll.


SPECIAL BONUS: Sign up before August 2019, and receive a bonus private coaching session with me.  This session is $297 on my website, but it’s my gift to give you extra customized support.  Book it before the course starts, or save it for a special focus session in the middle, it’s up to you.


Introducing the

Reclaiming Time Studio:

Where driven women make time and energy abundance their new normal

Privacy notice - Everything we speak about, or any information you share with me is entirely confidential.  I will not repeat it or share it with anyone, ever.


PS - You could take all the business seminars in the world (believe me, I tried!), and still always be rushing around trying to learn the next new thing, trying to be ahead of the curve in a saturated market.  OR you could do the unexpected - step away from our culture of fear and doubt that requires us to hustle harder in an attempt to compete with everyone else.  And instead cultivate confidence in yourself right now.  People feel that confidence, they feel that sense of ease, and they are hungry for it.  This type of Reclaiming Time Practice is what will set you apart from the masses, allow you to hand-pick a lifestyle you enjoy, work the hours and ways you want to, and  enjoy the ride now, not just the end goal.


Ready to enroll?  Click here to let me know.

The women that get results are the ones that stop talking about taking care of themselves, or doing intermittent self-care, and instead create a meaningful daily thrive practice that replaces busy work with time-abundance, are you in?

Karlee Fain

Celebrity Health & Life Coach, Author

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Could ELEVATING your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well-being, be the new way to succeed for driven women?

Could ELEVATING your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well-being, be the new way to succeed for driven women?

"Karlee is a fabulously caring and intelligent coach! In two hours she helped me push aside 48 years of mind clutter and fog to reveal, with clarity, what path will be the most immediately beneficial for me."

- Martha M., Business Owner and Full-time Mother

"I felt immediately at ease with Karlee. She held space for me and helped me to feel safe. I was amazed by how deep we got into the root of things going on in my life in such a short time.  It was ... so incredibly revealing and transformative. I'm excited to work with such a wonderful supportive person who I know can help me to empower myself to live a life of greatness!" 

-Kayt M., Food & Health Coach

"Karlee, is right on with her clients, she helped me work through my thoughts and helped to congeal my scattered ideas to one great point. She is insightful and very understanding of how to approach your goals. Thank you."

- Laura L., Teacher, Mother, Fitness Entrepreneur