Concierge Coaching


“I live a high profile life & want the assistance of a full time Personal Coach or Wellness Management Team to keep me feeling great in the lime light or while I run my company and life.”


Concierge Coaching is a customized compressive program for Celebrities, Pro Athletes and High Profile Executives that benefit from a person, or team of people, available to help them 24/7 with all of their health and life goals.  


In addition to being Board Certified, Karlee and her team, have specific training/experience with the unique needs of public figures and their privacy.  A package will be created just for you to match your exact needs.


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Centered Coaching


“I live a full life and want to stop going round and round with the same issue.  I want the support of a coach who can show me how to unleash the best version of who I am, without turning my life upside down."


For a limited time you can apply for a FREE one-time Breakthrough Session with Karlee. CLICK HERE TO APPLY. 


Together we'll discover:

- How your every day choices affect your lifestyle, purpose and ability to do what you really love and be loved for it!


- Uncover which patterns are fueling your life goals and what things you do to secretly sabotage yourself, and what to do about it.


- Outline a personalized action plan to take charge of your energy, concerns and relationships with clarity and focus (without turning your world upside down or giving up your favorite things).


- In short, you don't have to go it alone anymore.  We'll unleash the life you really want in a way that feels oh so good to you.


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Light 'n Easy Coaching


“I’m not ready for a private coach, but I would love help feeling my best now.  How can you help me live my best life easily?”


Want to feel your best, or get to know me, in an easy breezy what-ever-time-works-for-you kind of way?


I get it, so I've got a few options for you.



Sign up for my free biweekly Thrive Tribe Ezine.  In it I share some of my best work FOR FREE with people that also value feeling great.  You'll get inspiring letters, free audio recordings, videos classes and a whole lot of uplifiting and actionable advice to help you get where you want to go. Click here and say "add me!". That's it.  No strings.  You'll get your first note from Karlee in 24 business hours (often less) AND have her personal email address to ask questions anytime.



Head on over to the Thrive Store. You'll find my Every Body Yoga DVD, my The Grocery Store Adventure Guide Book and eBook, and more coming soon.  

3 styles of Coaching with Karlee, which 1 is for you?

Info about speaking events below




Karlee's clients are regulars on MTV, ESPN, and film including many Grammy Award Winners.

Participants are saying:


"I feel awakened!"

K.O., Corporate Sales, MA

 Karlee Fain has taught some of the most popular musicians, athletes and

TV personalities in the world how to achieve more by taking better care of



But to Karlee, living well is about more than private jets and Grammy awards. 

A beautiful life develops when a person dares to take care of themselves and

in doing so says YES to a life of undeniable purpose.


For most individuals, this means recognizing and addressing the challenges

that restrict progress in the areas that matter most:  career, family, and your health. 


Thanks to her professional background and extensive training, she is uniquely qualified to mentor top-tier executives and philanthropists in overcoming health challenges and restoring energy.


Through captivating speaking engagements, seminars and coaching programs, Karlee can show your group how to develop sustainable lifestyle habits.  Not only will she demonstrate the undeniable power of wellness to all aspects of life, she’ll also help you understand that great leaders are the ones who take excellent care of themselves first.


Participants are saying about Karlee's events:


"I feel more self-assured, thank you for this program, I want more."

Ryan Blanchard,

Dance Instructor, MA

Participants are saying about Karlee's events:


"I liked all of Rebels Relax, I

feel relaxed and affirmed."

Suzi BB, Artist, Maker, Mother

 In fact, Karlee experienced just such a powerful life transformation herself, overcoming serious health and career challenges with the power of self-care. She is devoted to helping leaders discover how they too can rejuvenate every aspect of life with by daring to slow down and take care of themselves.  


Karlee has since dedicated herself to the study of success and developed The Every Body Thrive Method -  A unique mind, body and spirit approach to creating results in life and work. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. She has trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts.

Karlee assists community and business leaders in unleashing their own unique passion and productivity by replacing hustle with heart.


Sample Every Body Thrive Lifestyle Seminars


  • Rebels Relax: Embark on the Relaxation Revolution and Discover How Daring to Relax While You Achieve Can Make You Happier, Healthier and a Better Leader


  • Every Body Thrive! Discover How Rejuvenating 3 Pillars of Your Life (Mindset, Body, Spirit) Can Lead to Thriving at Work and at Home 


  • You've Got This: How to discover and leverage you unique skills and talents to thrive above challenges and tough spots at work and home.


Karlee’s seminars offer:


  • Insight into everyday lifestyle habits that create fulfillment AND high-performance 

  • Practical strategies for taking better care of yourself without turning your world upside down

  • Support and clear direction for channeling your new found healthy energy into what matters most for you


What her work is about:


  • Explaining why lifestyle habits that work for one person may not work for another,                                                 and how to discover your unique gifts so you don't have to struggle through what                                                     you don't like anymore.

  • Reclaiming your life and making conscious choices.

  • Fast-tracking career and personal life results by finding a form of relaxation and                                                rejuvenation you love.


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