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It breaks my heart when good people, trying their best to up their health, get duped. I’ve seen it happen to my friends and co-workers again and again - I call it smoothie sabotage!  Click here for the full Smoothie Sabotage article.



Made these amazing superfood and chocolate snacks for guests to take on the plane with them after a lunch party this weekend, they where amazing and easy...I ate mine before everyone even left wink emoticon. The toppings boost protein, fiber, healthy oils and antioxidants, a sneaky way to boost your mid-day energy and brain function and feel like you're having desert. 


*I had a gluten-free guest so used these graham crackers. Regular would work too, but these where a little thicker and I think that helped them not break as easily.

This super easy snack makes me feel like a gourmet genius, even though it takes me less than 3 mins to make and gives me great mid day energy. When I travel on the road, I'll often just dip endive leaves straight into the hummus container, they are nature's edible spoons! Now if I can only discover nature's spork…..

Veggie Pasta: Here's a super easy meal you can make in one pot that is jam packed with awesome flavor and the nutrients to keep you feeling great. Hint: cook the ravioli in the pot first, strain and set it aside while you make the rest of the meal in the same pot.

This is a great breakfast treat! If you don't make your own almond milk, you can soak 1 cup of almonds in water over night and pulse them in the blender until finely course. 



Wanna mix things up a bit? A great place to start - Fennel. This bulb shaped veggie hangs out in your produce section, waiting for you try it's unique sweet and savory breath freshening power. Here's the deliciously simple answer for trying fennel that will tame your tummy and your taste buds....

Did you love the Macadamia Nut Porridge? Well if you're hungry for more here's a new spin for your next breakfast! Who knew you could have quinoa for breakfast?

Thyme is on your side-dish with this week's recipe. Only 5 ingredients makes it easy to try this weekend!

​​Here's a great addition for any dinner party! This recipe incorporates some nice nutty and fruity flavors, all while getting your veggie servings. Let us know your thoughts and if you made any changes! Happy eating!

The secret to eating healthy, especially in the morning, is cooking fast one time, and being able to eat 2x or more! This awesome power breakfast makes enough for 2, perfect for saving some for the next day, or make a triple batch and freeze it in individual containers. Defrost it overnight and breakfast will be waiting for you :)

Do you have a lean spleen? This simple juice recipe detoxes your body adding energy and vitality to your day.

"What?! This is healthy? But it tastes so good!" That's what we heard when we unveiled this delicious colada to even the most unlikey to eat a veggie. Share this post and drink to good health.

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Looking for some new and interesting additions to your personal menu? Here you will find our culinary favorites. Feel free to make adjustments to these recipes and let us know how it goes!