Guided Metta Meditation 

Discover just how amazing you are with this guided meditation based on the ancient Metta practice of loving kindness. Join Karlee Fain for a uplifting, yet deeply relaxing experience, that helps us all remember there are great things happening every day around the globe. This audio podcast is from the Every Body Yoga DVD

Guided Meditation - Relaxing into the ground 

Join Karlee for a guided meditation designed to relax every muscle in your body. Visualize your connection to the ground beneath you. Release extra energy or thoughts into the earth, and feel your body, so open, come alive with health!  Special thanks to Justin Green for composing our original music, Thrive Shivasana.

Guided Ocean Relaxation 

Join Karlee and float in a sea of relaxation with this guided meditation created to celebrate our first 30,000 video views at Awake revitalized from this 10 minute mental vacation at the beach.

aahhh...Guided Relaxation

Listen up and mellow down with guided meditations and relaxation soundtracks that restore and revitalize.