Karlee Fain; LMT, KYT, AADP

Author, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner


In addition to founding Every Body Thrive, Karlee is an international celebrity Health Coach, helping the high profile folks that lead our country and culture stay balanced and healthy.  She's also the author of The Grocery Store Adventure Guide, featured in the Every Body Yoga DVD and the most likely to be caught dancing around her office.  Click here for the inspiring story that brought Karlee from depression, stress and illness to living the joyful life of her dreams

Vivian Gacet; LMT

Office and Wellness Manager


Once upon a time Vivian intended to enter the world of massage for a just a short period. Never could she have imagined where this path was going to take her! In addition to traveling the globe helping countless clients relax and heal as a massage therapist, her training has also helped her travel inward discovering new adventures and joys along the way.


Vivian's is proof that sometimes the greatest things come in small packages. It's her unique firecracker spirit mixed with the highest compassion for her clients that makes her so special.  Vivian's passions for hospitality makes her the most gracious and attentive office manager and bodyworker we could ask for. 

Kelsey Fain; HC

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

At the age of 4, Kelsey would return home from pre-school with the phone numbers of her new friends scribbled in crayon on scraps of construction paper.  Always eager to meet a new face, Kelsey maintained that child-like curiosity to get to know people below the surface.


Having struggled for years with an undiagnosed

gluten-sensitivity and endometriosis, Kelsey

developed an innate passion for health and

nutrition, sharing her knowledge with anyone

that would listen. When she announced that in

Meet the Every Body Thrive Team

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Kelsey in action

addition to her career as a fashion photographer she enrolled in nutrition and health coaching school her friends and family responded with, “It’s about time!”  When not shooting pictures or cooking delicious meals, you can find Kelsey climbing rocks or striking up conversations with strangers in the park. Kelsey works with a variety of clients but specializes in young women who need support with balancing their health and career goals. Working with Kelsey is an opportunity to not only become a healthier you but a more successful you!

I love working with clients who have come to a fork in their road. This will happen many times in the course of a life and it is the perfect opportunity to reflect, learn and grow. Being invited to aid someone in this process and watch them awaken their true desires is such a thrilling experience!”  – Kelsey