I'm Karlee Fain.

I'm an author, speaker, and coach to super-star clients and driven women, all from my quiet small-town New England sanctuary. I'm fueled by naps, real talk, and women who want to prosper while staying true to themselves.  And chocolate, plenty of chocolate.


Read on for the rest.

“Women know that burning your body and spirit into the ground for your career is just so 90’s.  In our new economy, professionals reach peak performance, and sustain in for the long-haul, through nourishment, not punishment.”
- Karlee Fain

I was so hard on myself for needing to rest...⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
“Why can’t I keep up with everyone else?”, I had been asking my self that question since I was 11 years old.⠀
But what I didn’t realize until my 30's, was that I was comparing my deep craving for feeling balanced and joyful (while having a career) to others who didn’t crave the same thing.


Being happy, well adjusted and able to run a successful business and career doesn’t happen by accident, it happens when you are nourished. ⠀
I was comparing my self-care to folks that have little or no self-care at all, so of course in comparison I needed “more”. ⠀
Showing up for our best work and life, requires more focus, follow through and engagement than average. Which means it requires more rest, nourishment and joy than average too, if we want to stay in the game.

But how the heck are you supposed to rest when everyone is counting on you, right?!

So how about you don’t “crush it” this week. No need to “hustle” or “ball” or “kill it” either. What if you do the unexpected, and rest just a tad more than the average person. What if you join me and soften into your success? How might this week be different? ⠀

Everyone else thinks you are doing a great job, but secretly, you aren’t impressed with yourself.  You know you are capable of more, but you are too busy and overwhelmed to know where to start. 

I have the pleasure of showing you how to reclaim time, and the space you crave to breathe again (without your world falling apart).  Once you are clear again, we make your own personal nourishment part of your professional business strategy.

I am mostly known for:

The deep exhales and sighs of relief my clients feel each time we speak.  And the practical clarity and do-it-abilty they feel moving forward.  

People often say to me:

“Wait, you’re a coach?  But I really like you, and I don’t like most coaches!”  This cracks me up.

I love serving the world by: 

Being authentic, giving women the tools and permission they crave to prosper while being true to themselves. We don’t need one more person pretending to be perfect.  I’m not perfect, but my career and I thrive anyway.

I am most passionate about:

Real talk.  Truth.  Proven methods that work.  Space to Breathe. Freedom.  Playtime with my super cutie nephews.  Leather pants and farmer’s markets.   

Some of my clients are celebrities, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes. You’ll see them (and occasionally me in the background) on MTV, winning Grammy Awards, ESPN and on film.  I also love working with “every day rockstars” - aka women that want to have a career and a thriving personal life, you are my heros.

But this is exactly what allows you to stop putting out fires, and saying yes to everything.  Instead, you become the go-to person other folks respect, you embody a modern form of leadership that magnetizes people and resources to you, to do the heavy lifting.  No more being popular yet feeling isolated.

They don't teach how to have a life while you have a career in business school....

If you're dying to hear more, here are 5 things you might not know about me:

1) In 26 years of being a vegitarian I've never told anyone to not eat meat.  You do you!

2) I was raised full-time in the largest yoga and wellness ashram in North America. That means at 9 years old I was already learning from the leaders in doable health for our modern world.


3) I keep a close eye on people that don't like chocolate, I mean, how is that possible?


4) I'm a recovering perfectionist - yes, this is a curable condition.


5) I'm kind but not tame. Odds are I'll adore you, yet promise to say the thing that will bring you the best career and life.  No sugar coating.  Unless we're talking about chocolate again.  Are we?


Still here?  Let's talk.


Shoot me an email. Tell me one thing you are working on.


I'll actually read and respond to you personally. 


Not my assistant, me.


Nervous you'll sound silly?  I understand, do it anyway. 


Want to do this later?  You probably won't.


One of the hardest things for driven women to do is ask for help, but if you want something different you have to try something different.  Try me.


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