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"You’ve got to meet my girl Karlee, she’s my health guru! Karlee keeps me able to play as hard as I work.  Even on long days and tours she's always look’n out for me and my crew.  Karlee puts her heart into her work, her positive energy is contagious, always happy and relaxed, love her!"  

 - Lil Wayne - Multiple Grammy Award Winning Artist

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"Karlee's advice is short, simple, and delicious! She makes it easy to eat better than I ever have before, and now I have more energy to do the things I love.  Thank you, Karlee!!”

- Mack Maine; FL, President of Young Money Entertainment -A Grammy Award Winning Recording Label

"I love your yoga DVD! I start the day so energized after practicing!  I really enjoy the slow stretches in Building the Fire.  It helps my whole body feel loose and free for the rest of the day, xo!"

- Terri Bridges; PA, Mother

Karlee's clients are regulars on MTV, ESPN, and film including many Grammy Award Winners.

She has also teaches programs at North America's premier wellness centers, including Kripalu Center.