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"You’ve got to meet my girl Karlee, she’s my health guru! Karlee keeps me able to play as hard as I work.  Even on long days and tours she's always look’n out for me and my crew.  Karlee puts her heart into her work, her positive energy is genuine and relaxed, love her!"  

Lil Wayne - Multiple Grammy Award Winning Musician & Entreprenuer

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"Karlee's advice is short, simple & delicious! She makes it easy to eat better than I ever have before, and now I have more energy to do the things I love.  Thank you, Karlee!!” Mack Maine, President of Grammy Award Winning Recording Label, Father

Karlee's clients are regulars on MTV, ESPN, and film, including many Grammy Award Winners.

"I help women in business rise up and prosper, not by marketing more, or working harder, but by up-leveling their nourishment and authenticity."

- Karlee Fain, Celebrity Coach, Author, Speaker

Client Case Studies:

What real people with thriving businesses have to say...

"Karlee, thank you for such an amazing break through session!  Going into our appointment it felt like launching my practice was equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest, but you made it as doable as walking down the street!  I feel so empowered and ready to get started!  Really, you are amazing and I'm so honored to work with you!"  Terri Kiley - Entrepreneur and Full-time Mother

I’m so happy I chose to work with Karlee. Since we started I've been able to hire more help, seen my client base and revenue more than double, and now I have the time and energy to spend with my growing baby girl. If you take your business and your sanity seriously, you should hire Karlee. ”  

Jayme Flemming Wampler - Salon & Spa Owner, Full-time Mother

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Truth: Overworking, overthinking and overcomplicating things is so old school. There's a better way to rise up and thrive in business (and in life!).

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Give yourself the space you need to restore your entrepreneurial spirit, rejuvenate the soul of your business and watch your professional life transform with greater ease and flow.