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In this private coaching session, here's what we'll do to resolve your headaches and migraines once and for all: 


- Discover how your every day choices affect your headaches, lifestyle and ability to do what you really love.


- Uncover which patterns are fueling your life goals and what things create headaches that will secretly sabotage you, and what to do about it.


- Outline a personalized action plan to take charge of your headaches so you have all-day energy, clarity and focus PAIN FREE.


- In short, we'll unleash the life without headaches that you really want (without turning your world upside down or giving up your favorite things).


Normally, I charge $297 for this time, but this session is absolutely free for qualified applicants. This is my way of seeing if I can be of help, and make sure I am the right coach for you.  Apply below.

Karlee's clients are regulars on MTV, ESPN, and film including many Grammy Award Winners.

She has led programs at North America's largest Yoga & Health Center, Kripalu Center. 


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...It’s kind of a big deal.

Too many people are secretly struggling with pain, popping pills, or missing out on the down time they work so hard to get, because by the end of the day they are doubled over in agony.  

Their mental game is fuzzy, work takes longer to get done, and their confidence is down the tubes.

Throbbing head pain threatens to sabotage hard working driven folks who have enough on their plate.

Sometimes it looks like grown men and grammy award winning moguls crying in my arms because they can’t get through a recording session at the studio with out stabbing pain behind their eyes.

Sometimes it looks like a mother unhinged and alone in a dark bathroom while her kids play outside because the sounds and light hurt their head so bad that she’s sick to her stomach.

And you know what?  This used to be me too.  I get it.  

13 years ago I was getting 2-3 debating migraines a week.  

Not only was I in excruciating pain, but I felt alone.  

I felt like something was wrong with me, and when CAT Scans and doctors didn’t have any answers, I bought into the myth that I was just going to be one of the millions of Americans that suffer from migraines.

It took me lots of trial and error, but I rarely get headaches at all anymore, and neither do my clients.  

Migraine Myth Busted.

Turns out that there are big solutions for chronic headaches, especially if you’ve tried everything already. 

You don’t have to suffer, and the solutions are not what you would think.  

They are both simpler and deeper than drinking more water and watching what you eat.

These are all the things I wished someone could have told me 16 years ago when my pain started.

If you are ready to transform from feeling like a victim to your headaches and start living pain-free you can keep working on it alone, or we can get to the solution a lot faster together.  

Let’s talk, I want to hear all about your headaches, and what roadblocks seems to come up when you try to make them better.  Apply for a FREE Breakthrough Session with me below.

If you know someone who suffers with headaches, forward them this webpage, it will be the pain soothing game changer they will thank you for.

Let’s get this headache thing handled once and for all, we’ve got more enjoyable things to do,







Karlee Fain

Celebrity Health & Life Coach

PS - This is not for people who are absolutely married to belief that headaches and migraines are a disease and they just have to deal with it.   I don't poke, prod or sugar coat, I get real game changing results for people that are ready to go from ok to great.


The #1 symptom that messes with both my high profile A-list clients, and my everyday rockstar clients, is some version of headaches...