You may not remember it all. Or you may be living into much of what you learned. But our hope is that you have taken some next best steps that honor your unique passions. 


Our invitation is for you to gather back with us again, for a one-time online refresher, to explore some of the themes we spoke about together, and some new wisdom that will serve you deeply now.



Mark a moment in your calendar to reflect and honor your next best steps forward.


When: Tuesday August 28th, 6-8pm EST, or watch the recording later

Where: Online, join us from where ever you are

Registration: $25



Did you catch that?  You can join us live, but if you have a schedule conflict you can access the recording of the live class anytime you want...forever.  Ask us any questions you have, we'll speak to them live during the class, and we'll send the recording to everyone that registers on August 29th.


SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: We would love to offer guidance in navigating the place you find yourself in right now.  When you register, feel free let us know what questions and thoughts you have so we can address them during the live class.  And if you think of something after you register, you can always contact us here.


Your partners in graceful transition,

Karlee Fain and Maria Sirois

Navigating a Graceful Transition: 
A one-time refresher course with new material too
Reconnect to your best wisdom with Maria Sirois and Karlee Fain

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Remember being together at Kripalu? And how wonderful it felt to explore the notion of next best steps, pausing to choose wisely, and the practices from positive psychology and coaching that inspired you?

Navigating a Graceful Transition:

One-time live online refresher class with Maria Sirois & Karlee Fain