The Grocery Store Adventure Guide

There hasn’t been a great method to teach us exactly how to easily do both . . . until now! Join Karlee for an uplifting guided tour through the grocery store that will eliminate your food-related stress, leaving more room in your life for fun and vitality.


The Grocery Store Adventure Guide turns the chore of making smart food choices into a fun adventure! It outlines 7 easy steps that will put a smile on your face, and allow you to enjoy the journey to a revitalized life as much as the destination.

“Karlee’s field trip through the grocery store rocked my world and opened my eyes to a new way of eating my old standbys—and new favorites, too. Her advice is short, simple, and delicious! She makes it easy to eat better than I ever have before, and now I have more energy to do the things I love.

Thank you, Karlee!!”


—Mack Maine, President of Young Money Entertainment

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We all have two things in common:

the need to eat food that tastes good.

the desire to feel great!

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About the Author: P-L-A-Y. That’s how author and wellness coach, Karlee Fain, has spelled out her tremendous success. When she’s not traveling the globe as a celebrity health coach, you’ll find her rocking out in the kitchen, blending up her world-famous green smoothies. Karlee has a divine ability to combine her extensive education and experience with light-hearted humor—her words seem to pop off the page into your heart, transforming the ways you live for the better.


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7 Uplifting Steps to Navigate The Supermarket for Your Revitalized Life

by Karlee Fain; AADP, LMT, KYT