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    Every Body Thrive started as the info hotspot for the unique classes & private sessions led by Karlee Fain, Celebrity Health and Wellness Expert.  With classes enjoyed in 141+ countries, Every Body Thrive is quickly becoming the source to help you discover the lifestyle, teachers, and techniques that inspire you to discover just how amazing you are.


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    Recent Free Videos 

    New Year's Guided Lantern Meditation

    Great for the New Year and anytime you want to acknowledge all you've done, will do and bask in the present moment reminded of how perfect you already are.

    Join Karlee in a guided relaxing meditation to help you release that which no longer serves you, setting a new intention to enjoy instead. Once your past is freed and your future intended, bask in a few breaths in the peaceful present moment watching the sky lantern we lit for you take flight with your new intention.

    Relaxation made easy: A powerful breathing technique to calm your mind & body

    This breathing technique has profound effects, calming your body and mind in just seconds, allowing you deep peace and ease anytime and anywhere. Short and powerful, with practice it will rock your world. Karlee, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, will explain how it works and guide you through it so you can enjoy the benefits right now. Awwwhhhh, now that's what we're talking about....


    Rest and Revitalize: Modern Guided Metta Meditation

    Need a moment to relax, but not sure where to begin? When was the last time you appreciated yourself?

    Rest your body and allow your mind to help you feel restored and refreshed with this simple guided meditation. Journey deep into your senses as Karlee Fain, Professional Wellness Instructor, guides you through the many layers of people you know. Be reminded that just like yourself, there are countless people doing good things around the world. Experience this ancient form of Metta Meditation as it is adapted for our modern lifestyle.

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